Information Regarding the Akbash Dog Breed

Akashic is originally from the lands of Northeastern Iran. A unique Middle Eastern breed, Akbash dogs have been in existence for around 200 years. They were originally bred to be long-term companions, a type of hunting dog that was also used as a gun dog. The Akbash breed developed as a cross between a Bull and a Hound and they were originally bred as hunting dogs.

Today's Akash is no longer primarily used as a gun dog. However, they are still very much used as companions and show dogs. They have a dense coat, which is almost wiry but not enough to be coarse. The coats may be short or long. Akbash dogs' coats can be solid, short, silky or fine, and silky or wiry.

The Akbash dog can be found in many colors. It has been described as having a coat that is so dense it resembles fur that is matted. Some Akash's have a white undercoat, while others may be black or even brown. The dogs' coats may be waxy or even shiny. Akash coat may be very oily or even waxy.

The Akbash dog breed is relatively small in size with a height that would be around nine inches at the shoulder. Their head is generally round or square. They have dark hair in various shades of copper to deep chocolate. Most Akash's are fairly easy to groom although there is still some selection involved since the coat can become matted. Grooming should involve a high percentage of bathing since the coat can get rather heavy and hard to brush out.

The Akbash dog is somewhat of a maintenance dog. They will need to be brushed about two times a week. Brushing will help eliminate tangles, which are common with the coats of this breed. Grooming also helps to keep the coat from becoming too tangled, which also makes it easier to brush out. If the Akash does get tangled up in something, it would make the task of untangling them quite difficult unless the owner has some type of brush with them for the job. If the owner does not own one, they could buy a brush that is designed to do just that.

The Akbash dog breed tends to be very sensitive when it comes to their skin so the owner would have to take special care of keeping it clean and well-conditioned. Regular baths would be necessary and the owner would want to make sure that the bath is done properly and using proper products to avoid any damage. The Akbash dogs are prone to colds and will have to be taken to the vet right away if they become sick.

The Akbash dog breed was developed as a crossbreed of different breeds of dogs. The original intention was to create a larger version of the Great Dane, which was originally from Germany. The Akash was first bred in Germany but now can be found anywhere across Europe. It is thought that there may be an extinct breed of Akash in Mongolia that is the source of the Akash we are familiar with today. There is not much information on this breed, as the only available source is from writings by a veterinarian, R.C. Ferret.

One thing that the Akbash is not like other dog breeds is that they do not have a true coat of fur. Their coats would look more like hairless Mohawks. However, you could spay the Akbash to remove all of its unwanted fur. The Akbash would still keep its white fur and would only gain a few added points in the shedding department. This would depend heavily on how big the Akbash is.

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