Why Have Animals In Your Life?

Have you ever asked yourself why do animals make such a difference in your life? If you have you are not alone. Ask most people and they will tell you without question that animals are loved and needed. And that without animals the quality of our lives would be significantly diminished. This is true across the board. From people to animals.

But there are times when we ignore the fact that animals make a difference in our life in some way. This is especially true in the case of the world's ecosystems. The way we live on this planet supports, and benefits animals in ways that we sometimes take for granted.

Think about it this way; if people took their toys out of the mouths of animals right now there would be a shortage. Just think about it. There are hundreds of species of birds and hundreds of species of mammals, all sharing the planet with each other. These animals are our friends. They eat pests like mosquitoes and ticks and love to snack on berries and nuts. If you do not include them in your life they cannot survive.

Consider this... insects are in our foods. Without these insects, life on earth would not be possible. We have bees and wasps to pollinate our plants for us and butterflies to help with our flowers and trees. So why exclude these animals from a part of your life?

Consider this... wild creatures such as bats and snakes make a difference by helping us by protecting crops and forests. They keep pests and wild animals such as deer from eating our food. And even though they cost us money we realize that they are worth it. It is because they exist that we have the technology we do to care for them and to live harmoniously with them.

Consider this... if we did not have bats and snakes in our lives we would have no wildlife to share the wonders of their lives with us. Their little sacrifices make a big difference in the world. And if there were no animals to share these special moments with we wouldn't be able to experience them.

Consider this... the world is full of different types of animals. Some are friendly and make friends easily. Other animals are fierce and must be respected. There are cute and cuddly animals and there are wild animals that are there to scare and kill. Which type of animal would you want in your life?

The fact is, animals are very important to our existence. If there were no animals on earth we would not be able to enjoy so many of the benefits they provide us with. As a matter of fact, I would say that we owe it to all animals whether they are a cat or a snake or a horse... we owe it to all animals and if we do not have any animals in our life we are missing out. So to me, it is very important to have animals in your life whether they be a cat or a horse... have them for what they are really worth.

What is it that makes these animals special? It is their spirit and their love for all that they are and all that they can be. Animals are very loving and there is nothing in the world like the feeling that animals can give you. There is something very special about having animals in your life and even though you may not have many animals of your own you know that there is a certain something that they can bring into your life that cannot be found anywhere else.

Why is it so important to have animal companionship? Well, in some cases it is important because if an animal is not well cared for and is not protected by the law then it can put you in harm's way and put you in danger. Animals make great pets, but they also need someone to care for them, not just anyone but someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to animals. Animals make great companions and if you choose to make a pet of any kind knowing as much as possible about the animal you are getting can make a big difference and will ensure that you make the right choice.

Why do we love animals so much? The simple answer is that we love all creatures that walk this earth and we love being with them on a regular basis whether it be for a short while or for a lifetime. It is those special relationships that we have with our own lives and those of our friends and family that help to make us strong and allow us to enjoy what we do in life and why we do it. If you are considering having animals in your life or already have then you should know as much as you can about them and the things they can do for you and how beneficial they can be.

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