The Three Famous Affenpinscher Dogs

The Affenpinscher dog breed information center was created in 1990 and has become one of the best sources of information on the Affenpinscher and similar Pinscher breeds. The Affenpinscher was bred in Germany and is thought to have been developed by cross-breeding the Hungarian Water Hound and the Affenpinscher. The English version of the Affenpinscher is often called the British Affenpinscher or English Affenpinscher.

The Affenpinscher dog breed is thought to be named after the German town called Affenpinscher which was where the breed originated. The town is in the Rhineland region in central Germany. The ratters were originally used for rat eradication but because of their highly desired companionable personality, they were soon used for other pet activities such as hunting and companion work. The name Affenpinscher was actually given to the town and not to the breed.

The Affenpinscher dogs were originally bred to be small urban hunting terriers although they are commonly referred to as sporting dogs. They were originally bred for the purpose of retrieving birds which were considered a game by the German upper class. They would catch the birds, skin them, and then use the feathers to make clothing, quilts, and other clothes. The American Kennel Club even recognizes the Affenpinscher as a registered breed.

Although the original purpose of the Affenpinscher was to be a bird-catching dog the breed is now recognized by more mainstream society as a purebred companion dog. Because of its size and compact build the Affenpinscher makes a good medium size dog that will stay relatively small even as it gets older. Its small body makes it a great fit for indoor and outdoor activity. It is strong enough to be pushed around but gentle enough to make a good guard dog as well.

There are many different genetic lines of the Affenpinscher Dog Breed so it can be confusing when trying to find out more information about them. It is important to research several reputable websites in order to learn more about the various known lines of the Affenpinscher Dog Breed. The Affenpinscher is a beautiful dog breed that is small in comparison to other dog breeds but has a big heart.

Affenpinscher has an amazing ability to protect its human companions as well as being a very devoted pet. They are very protective of children and can remain calm while respecting a puppy's need to be trained. It is common for the Affenpinscher to remain calm while waiting until it is old enough to be trained by another adult, usually between eight to ten weeks of age.

Since this breed is originally bred to guard, you can expect it to act in a protective manner when it is in the presence of strangers. This is especially true of any family with children since the Affenpinscher is inclined to protect its young from possible harm. This is one of the many reasons that make it a great choice to breed since it will likely be a guard dog through its life. You should add Bernie to your list of breeds to consider when thinking about getting an Affenpinscher since you can expect it to protect you and your family.

Grooming is one of the most important aspects of owning an Affenpinscher because they naturally shed a lot. This breed has a high prey drive. Because of this, it is important to brush and comb their coat frequently. Brushing helps to keep the coat looking clean and shiny. It is recommended that you take your Affenpinscher out for walks at least once a week because this will ensure that your dog will remain in top shape and will be less likely to get dirty on a walk.

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