Some of the Most Popular Exotic Pets

A pet, or domesticated animal, is generally kept mainly for the enjoyment of the owner, or pet owner, and not for the animal's exclusive use, feeding or breeding. Examples of domesticated animals are dogs, cats, horses, fish, birds, lizards, and frogs. Pets also include farm animals, such as cattle, sheep, and ostriches.

The word "pet" is derived from the Latin word "pelvis", to shape, so it literally means a shape-shifting pet. In general, the meaning of the word is "a four-legged animal kept for purposes of entertainment, companion or hunting". Historically, in ancient societies, members of royalty, the ruling class, ministers, and priests kept exotic animals as companions, servants, messengers, etc. For example, Cleopatra kept an African jackal as her intimate slave.

The word "exotic" actually originated from the Greek word "expanse", meaning "out of the ordinary". It is derived from a combination of two words, one of which is "ex" for "out of the" and "Anthus" for "of". Thus, exotic animals were deemed to be extraordinary animals. This concept of an "exotic pet" is still widely accepted in today's society, although the word "exotic" is often used to describe any pet not indigenous to a particular area. Examples of popular exotics are tigers, leopards, cheetahs, spiders, spotted deer, jaguars, leptospirosis, etc.

For detailed information on all the many different types of exotic pets available, one need only turn to a book written by a veterinarian or an exotic animal enthusiast. Such a reference would contain a complete list of pet names, including both those legally registered with the government and those that are registered but which are not. A thorough citation needed to describe each type of exotic animal would include a short history of their keeping as well as basic facts concerning their physical appearance. It is also important to point out that the citation needed should accurately reflect the facts as portrayed in the original work. In other words, if it says that a particular animal has blue eyes, it is important to note that blue eyes are actually a specific breed.

Citing works such as books, articles, websites, and television shows as resources is a good way to start looking up information. However, this citation needed to be properly referenced. This means including all of the proper spelling and grammar rules. Some sources are free while others require a fee. Websites that offer free information on exotic pets do so via advertisements placed within their pages.

If one is looking for a more accurate source of information on exotic pets, it would be best to look towards the World Wide Web. Here, one can find a variety of information regarding animals such as lemurs, lizards, snakes, and other exotic pets. However, finding a detailed citation needed for legal purposes will require an investment in time and research. For many people, time and research are very valuable resources.

Other than primates, there are other types of animals that make interesting additions to the exotic pet world. Examples of non-human pets include guinea pigs, gerbils, cockroaches, horses, and much more. An interesting aspect of these non-human pets is that they are often used for research in various fields.

The legal aspects of owning and trading non-human exotic pets are very similar to those of exotic pets. Therefore, care should be taken to properly name and appropriately describe each animal with accurate information. A thorough citation is absolutely necessary in order to properly classify and allow for the ownership of non-human primates.

Primate species are the most common of all exotic pet animals. A great specimen to own would be the black leopard monkey. The black leopard monkey is an exemplary pet because of its visual appeal and ability to blend in with its surroundings. Due to their unique features, the black leopard is often kept as a pet at zoos. Owners should be mindful that this particular pet animal is protected and is not to be exposed to the public.

Another example of a rare primate to own is the white-tailed monkey. This is also an exemplary example of a non-venomous pet. The whitetail macaque is very similar to the leopard, except for its gray fur. These two species should both be maintained in zoos as a means of conservation. Both species are beautiful and interesting to have as companions.

One other example of an excellent primate pet animal would be the orangutan. Though not the most popular pet, the orangutan deserves to be mentioned due to its unique characteristics. This pet animal can grow up to two meters in height and has incredible hearing as well as sight. Owners should always take their primate pets outside of the cage at night so that they can become used to seeing other pets around.

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