Some Interesting Facts About Animals

Have you ever noticed all the different colored markings that different species of animals have? Some are red while others are brown or black. I know when I see a squirrel that has a long tail it is going to be a squirrel that is red in color. The same goes for a cat that has a long tail it is going to be a cat that is black in color. There are many different types of markings on different types of animals.

One interesting fact about some animals is they can talk. Birds are the only animal that I know of that can talk. Other animals like dolphins and whales can vocalize but not to the same extent as a bird. The vocal cords of some animals are so complex that it is very similar to the way that humans can vocalize with their lips and throats. It makes me wonder how old these animals really are.

Another interesting fact about animals is that they do not have opposites like humans do. A few examples of this would be: The platypus does not have a tail like a snake. The tiger salamander also has a tail, unlike the hippo. Although the platypus and the tiger salamander look the same to the eye they are completely different animals in the aquarium environment.

Not every animal can swim. Swimming is an important necessity for an animal to survive. One example of an animal that cannot swim is the bat. Even if an animal can breathe air well, they still cannot survive in water because it is too cold. The cold temperature will cause the animal to freeze. In order to prevent this from happening it is vital that the animal have a warm temperature to breathe in at all times.

Another fact about animals is that they will not mind you taking the best of care of them. Just because you feed them and give them their food and water does not mean that the animal is satisfied with their life. Animals are social animals and need to be treated well so that they can live happy lives with their owners. If you spend time with your pet then you will find that they will enjoy spending time with you and other members of your family.

A few of the more common animals in the world are cats, dogs, and dolphins. However, there are some rare animals that make up our animal friends. The African lion is one such example. The lion is actually a carnivore and they can be seen in the wild only at night. In the United States, these animals are usually raised in captivity.

The third fact about animals is that they require shelter. The typical home for most pets will be a cage. Cages can range from very small cages that are used as toys for the animals to large buildings that the animal can live in. This is especially true for larger pets that have the need to be in a secure structure for their safety.

One last fact about animals that people may not think about is that they can help you out in many ways throughout your life. Pets can be good watchers. They will keep watch over your house from a distance and if there is something wrong they will notify you right away. They will also keep you company and let you know if something is wrong. If you have a cat for instance that is shedding excessively then they may be able to tell you if there is a problem by letting you know.

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