Pet Animal Captivity

A pet, or domesticated animal, is a mammal kept mainly for the enjoyment of the owner or household and not necessarily as a means of livelihood, livestock, or an experimental lab animal. Pets may be animals kept for pleasure or for profit, as in the case of the exotic Asian lion, or they may be animals required for certain jobs such as keeping dogs, horses, donkeys, raccoons, etc., or for scientific purposes such as breeding stock or rats. The word 'pet' comes from the German verb 'pet meaning 'to feed'. Some breeds of dogs are taught how to behave within a particular environment or are taught certain skills like hunting by being given food and water instead of using their own hunting apparatus.

In recent years many people have become involved in raising exotic animals for profit or simply for pleasure. Primates and certain monkeys have even been used in circus acts and other shows. There are some people who keep guinea pigs as pets. Guinea pigs are small, soft-bodied, and amiable to all, making them a popular pet animal.

The pets may come from all sections of society and they can vary from the simple domestic dog to the highly exotic labyrinth. Pets can be categorized as domestic or wild animals and domestic pets including dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, fish, etc. wild pets are those kept outside in the wild including wolves, raccoons, foxes, coyotes, bears, etc and they may also include exotic animals like monkeys, snakes, insects, etc.

In the Victorian era, pet ownership became a fashionable thing and many people brought their domestic dogs with them on their travels. Then these became popular as traveling attractions and soon pet owners started breeding dogs and cats and importing them from other countries. Even, the term 'puppy mills' developed, since these were overcrowded and unsanitary places where dogs were treated badly. These poor conditions resulted in horrible conditions for these pets and that is when people began getting them as pets.

Today, it is hard to imagine a city without a dog or a cat. Dogs are the number one reason for the increased popularity of pet ownership. They provide a wonderful company to humans since they have a great interest in their owner's welfare. However, most importantly, they offer the owners several social interaction benefits. Pet owners will get a lot of exercise, companionship, and health benefits when they own pets.

Research has shown that there are more elderly people living in the United States than in any other country. This is mainly because of the fact that many older people love dogs. Some dog enthusiasts are unable to make the transition to other pet owners or live with their pets outside of the United States. For these pets and their owners, there are many wonderful pet-friendly locations in the United States. The dogs and cats will get to interact with all types of other animals including, but not limited to, horses, deer, bears, monkeys, dolphins, and much more.

In order to help these pets to remain healthy, some cities and states offer various pet-friendly services for the owners. There are veterinarians available for consultation, spaying and neutering programs, vaccinations, pet-friendly parks, and much more. Many pet owners have discovered that it is quite possible to save money by feeding their pets organic food, which will provide them with the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that they need. This type of pet food is healthier than traditional commercial foods. Many of these organic foods have high levels of antioxidants, which help the animals stay healthy and well adjusted.

In summary, the fact that some people love their pets so much that they cannot imagine living without them indicates that the United States is a very competitive place to live in. Animal captivity has become very popular throughout the years, and there are many different reasons for this popularity. People are finding out that keeping exotic pets can be extremely fun, educational, and rewarding. The fact that more people are able to meet the pets that they love allows for an even greater chance for people to develop close bonds with their new pets. Whether it is a domestic or exotic pet, having the proper care and attention during their stay in captivity will provide the owners with the enjoyment and health benefits that they are looking for.

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