8 Tips to Cheer Up Depressed Pets

Depressed pets can have a tough time bouncing back to life. Often depressed pets turn their backs on us, and we try to reach them. When it becomes clear to us that there is nothing we can do for them, we cry and feel very alone. Here are 8 tips to cheer up depressed pets and animals.

Make them have something fun to do Many pets simply want a good belly rub. Buy them a plushy teddy bear or other stuffed animal that they enjoy cuddling. Many times animals with mood disorders enjoy these things. They also will love the attention that you give them. If they cannot express themselves in a positive way by playing in the house or sniffing your arm, buy them things that they can play with that will make them feel better and less lonely.

Play with them Many pets suffer from loneliness because they are a part of the family. Many times animals wait for the family to be quiet before they can play. If your depressed pet has a lot of anxiety about being alone, play with him or her often so that he or she feels more at ease. This will also make them more appreciative of having you as a friend.

Give them treats Our pets need a treat just like everyone else. Give them treats as often as you can. They will not be happy unless they are rewarded. This works especially well for older pets who may have trouble remembering what they ate last night. We can also make it a game to see how much you can remember.

Give them exercise Don't forget that our pets need exercise just like we do. If they sit around all day, they will become inactive. This can cause depression. Walking your pets, swimming, riding in the car, or playing in the yard will get them moving. Even just walking down the street and coming to your front door can help.

Make them feel special Give them lots of attention. If you have other pets, take them to visit other pets. If you cannot leave them alone, pick them up and give them your full attention. This may even bring you a small touch of joy as well. Pets do miss us and they want to feel wanted.

Grieve with them If your depressed pets are at home, try to bring them out to the yard to see the birds and squirrels. Birdsong and squirrels screech and sing to help soothe your pet. They love to learn new things. Sometimes, you might even find yourself laughing out loud at their antics. Just enjoy spending time with your pets and they will also enjoy you immensely.

Get them toys Gifting your sad pet toys can really brighten his or her mood. Toys also motivate them and keep them busy for hours. It will also allow them some freedom to express themselves. Your pets will show you how much they truly loved you before everything happened. This is also the best time for you to start communicating and showing them that you still care for them.

Take them for walks If you have your depressed pets at home, you should also take them for walks every day. It is important that they get plenty of fresh air and exercise. Walking can also burn up some of those unwanted calories that they have been carrying around since their bodies were overweight. You can also help prevent obesity in your pets.

Give them a massage Give your pets a massage with essential oils. It is one of the best ways to relieve anxiety and stress. Massages also promote a feeling of well-being and make your pet happier overall.

Get them some entertainment If you cannot get your depressed pets to be happy, try to provide them with their favorite activities and games. You can play video games with them. You can also play some music that makes them feel good. If you cannot find any activities or games, there are some books that have stories written by famous book authors that can make them feel happy. Reading to your pets is one of the most effective ways to help them overcome their depression. 

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